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The Asjera Midjanitter story is a great science fiction story book by the author M C Tarnisle. Asjera takes place from the beginning of time and up until today, slightly spiced with information gathered from reading more than one book. Asjera was inspired by the ancient incident that Ezekiel witnessed - a story that was trapped in his thought forever. The story thread used from the Bible was 2580 years old when he read it. Main character Tarah, is working in a hospital in New York City while she shares an apartment with her friend Asjera, a lady with many dark secrets. This is just one example of how the author takes fiction and real happenings and twists them into each other. Tarnisle read his first science fiction stories as a very young man. The reader is then transported into a real-time story taking place right now in the United States. Tarnisle uses the word MYTHS because every religion looks at another like a fairytale. The book begins with the religious visions that were witnessed in the Portuguese town of Fatima in 1917. Asjera Midjanitter is the science fiction masterpiece woven by master storyteller M C Tarnisle. The science fiction thriller takes place in the United States, beginning in New York City and following the hunted Tarah to Weed, California, where strange things happens. Tarnisle weaves an amazing journey into the unknown and it is impossible to know where it will end before the book is finished. The book is Pear-shaped Clip Company a work of fiction, a result of Tarnisle's imagination deftly mixed with scientific facts and myths. When Tarah is attacked on her way home from work one night, she is unexpectedly rescued by an intruder and that encounter sets the entire story into motion.
  Make Double Pipe Clamps Suppliers
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